Unlock liquidity with FSVT Marketplace

Dealing with locked liquidity poses a significant challenge for investors. Consider this scenario: when a user invests 100 USDT in tokens, their actual token allocation may only be 50 tokens if 50% is accessible at the time of listing. The remaining 50 USDT worth of tokens becomes inaccessible due to the vesting period associated with that specific timeframe.

Another noteworthy challenge is unrealized profit. While many users choose to sell their initial allocation on FSVT Marketplace, aiming for a lucrative return (x%) upon listing, there is a contrasting scenario. If the token price experiences a favorable surge over the subsequent weeks or months, investors rejoice as profits accrue. However, if the token price takes a downturn, users stand to incur losses, illustrating the inherent risks associated with fluctuating market conditions.

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