Participating in the IDO

To complete the purchase of tokens, you must first APPROVE and then proceed with the BUY action. Additionally, before the sale begins, you can check if you have won in a whitelist competition by referring to the guidelines in “Determining if you’ve won a Whitelist Competition

The live raise typically lasts for 12 hours, and projects may choose to conduct 2 rounds of fundraising with varying discount rates. Additionally, there may be FCFS (First Come, First Serve) rounds lasting for 2 hours, providing participants with a limited window to secure allocations during this exclusive opportunity.

  1. Navigate to the pool page (sale project page).

  2. Specify the quantity of tokens you wish to purchase.

  3. Execute the "Approve" button to authorize the interaction. This step is essential to permit the IDO/sale contract to transfer BNB or USDT as your payment.

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