Due Diligence on IDO Projects

HODLPad aims to protect every single platform user, whether it is from participating in IDO sales, to even Future sales of vested tokens (FSVT). HODLPad will have an internal grading structure to every project that has cleared our KYC process. This internal grading structure will be based on a contemporary internal model that we have curated

  1. Tokenomics and vesting

  2. Partners and investors

  3. Completion of specified roadmaps

  4. Growth of social media channels (no fake users or pumped comments)

  5. Length of development of product

Based on our grading structure, users can choose and evaluate based on their financial prowess. Some projects might have less hype but they are developing a proprietary system for the DeFi space. Other projects might have massive hype and partnerships but might not have longevity. Strict grading has to be determined because HODLPad always puts the needs and importance of our community above all!

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