Future Sale of Vested Tokens

Introducing a groundbreaking concept, HODLPad has pioneered Future Sale of Vested Tokens (FSVT). This proprietary offering allows participants on HODLPad, as well as other launchpads, to access immediate liquidity based on their vested tokens that have not yet been unlocked. For instance, if a participant like Josh has only received 50% of his vested tokens due to vesting schedules, FSVT enables him to sell this allocation for immediate liquidity on the automated marketplace.

Here's a practical scenario: Josh initially invested 100 USDT in Project A tokens, but due to vesting, he only received tokens worth 50 USDT. While waiting for the remaining tokens to unlock over the next 2 months, the token's value increases from 1 USDT to 10 USDT. With FSVT, Josh can sell his vested tokens immediately upon listing, even before the full vesting period. The buyer gains a 50% discount compared to the spot price, providing an enticing opportunity for both parties.

This innovative FSVT marketplace is an integral part of HODLPad, offering users the flexibility to trade their vested token allocations for instant liquidity. This decentralized solution is open to anyone with a decentralized wallet, enhancing accessibility and usability for the broader crypto community.

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