Multifaceted Partnerships

HODLPad aims to foster an inclusive community by actively seeking and embracing partnerships with other launchpads and centralized exchanges. Each launchpad caters to a specific audience based on the types of projects featured in their Initial DEX Offerings (IDO), provided they incorporate vested tokens for their users. Through strategic partnerships, HODLPad ensures a smooth on-chain transaction experience for users of our partner launchpads on the FSVT Marketplace. In essence, every project in the market adheres to a vesting schedule, presenting mutual benefits for buyers and sellers participating in the FSVT marketplace.

  1. Cross-Partnerships - Target and Value Proposition:

    HODLPad actively pursues cross-partnerships, focusing on enhancing accessibility and liquidity for users across diverse blockchain networks. The integration of the Future Sale of Vested Token (FSVT) serves as a key value proposition, providing a seamless mechanism for users to unlock liquidity for their vested tokens, irrespective of the blockchain chain.

  2. Other Launchpads on Any Chains (FSVT):

    The target with other launchpads on different chains involves creating a collaborative ecosystem. FSVT becomes the cornerstone, enabling users to access liquidity for their vested tokens across various launchpads. The value proposition lies in fostering interoperability and a unified experience for users navigating different blockchain networks.

  3. Launchpads on the Same Chains (IDO and FSVT):

    Targeting launchpads on the same chains, HODLPad aims to provide a comprehensive launchpad experience through the integration of both Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) and FSVT. The value proposition lies in offering users a diverse set of participation options, enhancing their engagement within the ecosystem.

  4. Investment Groups and Crowdfunding Platforms (FSVT):

    Targeting investment groups and crowdfunding platforms, the focus is on streamlining fundraising and investment processes using FSVT. The value proposition centers around creating an efficient bridge between these entities, facilitating seamless transactions and enhancing the overall investment experience.

  5. Influencers and High-Profile Individuals (FSVT):

    For influencers and high-profile individuals, the target is to provide a platform where they can actively participate and transact within the ecosystem. FSVT serves as the means to achieve this, offering influencers and individuals a unique value proposition by enabling them to leverage their vested tokens effectively.

  6. Past and Present DeFi Projects with Vested Tokens:

    The target with past and present DeFi projects involves establishing collaborations within the ecosystem. The value proposition lies in creating a network of projects with vested tokens, contributing to increased liquidity and vibrancy. FSVT becomes the tool for seamless interaction and transactions between these projects.

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