Safeguarding Launch Mechanism

In order to exclude actors displaying more disregard and greed, and to ensure that projects demonstrate full commitment to their success, we have established a rigorous 10-rule protocol named the "Safeguarding Launch Mechanism." Projects are obligated to adhere to these rules without exceptions to be eligible for receiving the raised funds or launching on HODLPad.

Guidelines for Ensuring a Secure IDO Launch on HODLPad

  1. HODLPad mandates a minimum liquidity requirement for DEX listings, determined case by case for a specific trading pair. Liquidity must be locked for at least 9 months, considering planned DEX/AMM upgrades.

  2. Mandatory lock-ups for "Team Tokens" (team, development, marketing, advisory, etc.) are enforced according to their vesting schedule, with proof of lock required before launch. Any deviation prompts immediate refund or polling.

  3. Preset distribution times must be followed, and any favoritism towards certain parties results in compensation mechanisms for HODLPad investors.

  4. Funds are sent in batches following the vesting schedule to enable refunds in cases of abandonment, hacks, exploits, system breakdowns, or malicious activity.

  5. Adherence to the project's initial roadmap is crucial. HODLPad reserves the right to refund unvested amounts if the project jeopardizes investor funds or deviates from the roadmap.

  6. All tokens sold through HODLPad must be sent to HODLPad before the launch to ensure timely distribution.

  7. A maximum of 30 days between a sale and its listing is allowed, aiming for sales 24 to 72 hours before listing. Delays of 21 days or more result in automatic refunds, with a new sale date scheduled.

  8. Comprehensive token audits from reputable firms are required to detect and prevent malicious functions in the contract.

  9. HODLPad provides a detailed launch protocol for sale partners, offering guidance on technical aspects, pitfalls, bot prevention, and maximizing listing multiples.

  10. Projects must maintain a token price above their IDO price until at least 41% of the distribution is complete. Failure prompts a poll for potential refunds, with HODLPad offering guidance to sustain a high token price.

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