Who Can Sell on FSVT Marketplace

Eligible Users

The FSVT Marketplace extends listing privileges exclusively to users who actively participated in the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) Sale conducted on HODLPad. To be eligible for token listing, users must not only have engaged in the IDO Sale but also possess vested tokens. This two-fold criteria ensures that users contributing to the project through the IDO Sale and demonstrating commitment through vested tokens are granted the capability to list their tokens for sale on the FSVT Marketplace.

Limited Functionality

Conversely, users who did not partake in the IDO Sale on HODLPad or lack vested token allocations are restricted in their functionality on the FSVT marketplace. Their engagement is limited to the purchase of vested tokens, with the listing privilege reserved for those meeting the aforementioned criteria.

Launchpad Partners

Launchpad partners have the opportunity to utilize the FSVT marketplace by integrating with the platform.

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