Personal Data We May Collect

  1. Contact information : Include but not limited to email addresses.

  2. Financial information : Include but not limited to Blockchain wallet addresses, crypto asset information, transaction history and trading data.

  3. Transaction information : Any information about the transaction which you’ve made on our Platform such as the type of transaction, transaction amount and timestamp.

  4. Communication : Include but not limited to feedback, questionnaires, survey responses and information provided to our support team via our official communication channels.

  5. Online identifiers : Include but not limited to geographical location, browser fingerprints, browser type & version, and IP addresses.

  6. Usage data : Include but not limited to user preferences and data collected via cookies or similar technologies.

  7. Information from 3rd party sources : Include but not limited to information about you from any other sources as required or permitted by applicable law, such as public databases. We may combine the information collected in order to comply with our legal obligations and limit the use of our services in connection with fraudulent or any other illicit activities.

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