Disclosures and Disclaimers

HODLPad is a launchpad with a (future sale of vested tokens) marketplace (the “Platform”) and does not operate as Digital Asset Exchange or Derivative Exchange platform or offer trade execution or clearing services.

The Platform permits the users to (i) participate in IDO/IGO/INO and/or (ii) provide liquidity to staking and yield pools and/or (iii) sell and/or buy vested allocations (collectively, the “Listed Assets”) The services described under (i) and (ii) are hereafter referred to as (“Services”).

● The Platform only allows participation in IDOs when the listed projects that are not deemed as “securities” under any relevant jurisdictions as from time to time determined by HODLPad in its sole discretion. It is not intended to operate as a regulated marketplace or national securities exchange. Neither HODLpad nor the Platform is registered as a broker or dealer, a national securities change, a capital market service provider or an alternative trading system in any jurisdiction.

● All transactions between users of HODLPad platform are executed peer to peer between the users’ BSC/BRC/SOL addresses through smart contracts. Therefore, HODLPad has no oversight, involvement, or control concerning your transaction using the Services. You are responsible for complying with all Applicable Laws and shall bear your own risk by accessing and using the Site and the Platform.

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